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Explore Youth Risk Behavior Survey Questions - United States, 2019

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The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) monitors six categories of health-related behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults, including—

-Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence
-Sexual behaviors related to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection
-Alcohol and other drug use
-Tobacco use
-Unhealthy dietary behaviors
-Inadequate physical activity
-YRBSS also measures the prevalence of obesity and asthma and other health-related behaviors plus sexual identity and sex of sexual contacts.

YRBSS is a system of surveys. It includes:

1) a national school-based survey conducted by CDC and state, territorial, tribal

2) local surveys conducted by state, territorial, and local education and health agencies and tribal governments

Unintentional Injuries and Violence
Unintentional Injurues and Violence.jpg
Dietary Behaviors
Dietary Behaviors.jpg
Tobacco Uses
Tobacco Use.jpg
Physical Activty
Physical Activity.jpg
Alcohol & Other Drug Uses
Alcohol and Other Drug Use.jpg
Overweight, Obese, and Weight Control
Obesity, Overweight and Weight Control.j
Sexual Behaviors
Sexual Behaviors.jpg
Other Health Topics
Other Health Topics.jpg
Unintentional Injuries and Violence
Unintentional Injurues and Violence.jpg
Made a plan about how they would attempt suicide
Unintentional Injurues and Violence.jpg
Texted/emailed while driving a car/other vehicle
Unintentional Injurues and Violence.jpg
Were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property