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You are valued. For support, contact:
National AIDS Hotline: 1-800-CDC-INFO
Suicide Hotline: 988

HIV Testing Centers to Check Out:

College Student? Here Are Some Free HIV Testing Centers:

What Can Be Done About This?

How I Value (HIV) Life is frustrated with the current state of HIV/AIDS today. We want to see a change, but we need  your help.

On this site we aim to empower and educate people on the global issues surrounding
HIV/AIDS. We hope this site will inspire you to go out and create change, because we believe one person can make a difference.

Every minute, 4 new people contract HIV. 


38 million people are currently living with HIV...


...with over 95% of new HIV infections in developing countries

...making HIV/AIDS the largest and deadliest global pandemic of our time.

(2/3 of the infections are in Sub-Saharan Africa alone)

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Track the progress towards ending the HIV epidemic (EHE) in America:

View the updated HIV data in AIDSVu’s Interactive U.S. Maps:

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